Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yet Another Update

Hey hey, it's been a while, loyal followers. Firstly, an update on the kitty. While alive, it's tied up at the back if the store, so they haven't eaten it.... yet. I'm not getting over this. Vietnam owes me for the psychological damage this whole event has caused.

None the less, crying over dead, or soon to be dead cats isn't all I've been up to over here. Saturday here was Teachers Day.

What? You've never heard of Teachers Day? That's appalling! Lol, jks, I hadn't either. Teachers Day over here is a big deal. If it was in Australia, I know that we'd write it off as another hallmark holiday, but it's a huge thing here. The school gym underwent 2 days of preparation, like setting up a stage, and getting the sound system up and running, as well as hanging banners and stringing little Vietnamese and Australian flags across the roof. The primary school celebrated it on Friday, because they don't have Saturday school. I went and sat in on their celebrations. There were dances and skits from each teacher, and many dances and songs from students. Everything had undergone so much rehearsal and costumes were made just for the event.

The florists here must make a fortune, because all day on Friday and Saturday, parents were coming to the school with expensive looking, and grand bouquets of flowers for their children's favourite teachers. The teachers couldn't carry them all! It was bedlam!

Saturday was the high school's celebrations. Earlier that week, the teacher in charge of us girls, had asked me if I'd like to perform on Teachers Day. Being unaware of the enormity of the event, I'd willingly said yes, thinking it would just be in front of the teachers. So I later discovered I was to be performing in the coveted concert for the teachers, and I was stoked. It would be in front of the whole school and all these special guests.

Now I feel like people will be wondering what song I sang. I almost don't want to say. I WAS going to sing Cee Lo Green's 'Forget You', but upon finding out how big of a deal Teachers Day was, I felt that perhaps, that song held an inappropriate sentiment. So, with little choice, I flicked through the karaoke I had on my iPad, to find a song that filled the requirements I'd been asked to consider, of 'well know' and 'cheesy'. So, in the end, I sang 'The Climb' by good ol, Miley. I feel embarrassed. People are going to think my repertoire is just Miley and Bieber. It's terrible.

Regardless, I got up when my name was called on Saturday, and must admit, felt a bit like a celebrity, because about 4 words into the sing, I was cut off by a cheer from the crowd like "omg, the white girl's singing!". They were by far the most enthusiastic audience I've ever performed for (but mind you, I work the nursing one circuit a lot, so that's not hard to beat). Anyway, I got a huge applause, and was asked to sing again on the bus, by a girl from the year 6 class I sang Bieber to. I felt like saying "I'm not a jukebox...", but felt that could be taken the wrong way. Or the right way. Either way, I wasn't in a position to sing today, due to me having contracted a cold from somewhere. But don't worry, I asked Hue, and colds are common, so it's not some horrible sickness.

Sunday, we didn't do much, or anything, really. I had headaches and temperatures all day so I had a sleep in, then we all kinda bummed around all day and had a nap and soon enough the day was gone. I don't see it as a day lost though, I certainly needed it.

You may notice my posts are getting less and less frequent. There's a simple reason for that, and that is me getting more and more lazy. It's a shame, but it's the reality.

Speaking of laziness, I may not be the neatest person, but I need to step up my game, because they must think I'm awful. Pretty much, if you don't clean up, straight away, the housekeeper will come do it. A weird thing to complain about, but I don't like her cleaning my room. I got up on Sunday, leaving my clothes all over the floor, and my bed unmade, as well as things all over the desk and shoes everywhere in my room. I went downstairs to get Internet for a bit, cause everyone was still asleep. Now believe it or not (mum), but, I had every intention of coming back to clean up my mess. But after 15 minutes, I come back, and my room is spotless! Everything's been folded and put in my suitcase, and my bed has been made, everything straightened and tidy. And while it's appreciated, I feel bad! I mean, I know she's the housekeeper, but no one should have the responsibility of having to clean up my dirty washing! Not only that, but she always packs things away into weird places that, while creates a fun game of hide and seek when i need to find them, is rather inconveniencing.

I also have to quickly mention what was served up for dinner the other night. Now, I try anything. I ate pig stomach and intestine to prove that point, but I actually could not look at last night's dinner without feeling sick. It was chicken fetus. It was sickening, and they were dipping it in sauce! I have a strong stomach but I couldn't deal with that. That's probably the worst thing I've seen while here.

So to sum up this blog post, a cat is still alive, I sang Miley Cyrus in front of the school, the housekeeper keeps cleaning my stuff, and i didnt eat something we had for dinner. Wow, as you can see, I'm dealing with the big problems over here. Well, anyway, ta ta for now!
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