Friday, November 18, 2011

Why Kittens?

A few days ago, the girls and I took one of our regular trips to the store down the road from the school., to pick up our essential. Oreos, Pepsi and rip-off Pringles. Yum! Anyway, we get there and there's this cat.

I love cats.

Now this cat, wasn't an ordinary cat. If the cat equivalent of Miranda Kerr and the cat equivalent of Ryan Reynolds had a cat baby, this would be their cat baby. Or um, kitten, I think is the proper word. Anyway, my point is, the cat was so gorgeous, it looked only s few weeks old. Small enough that I could pick it up with one hand and cuddle it (NOTE: I can feel some judgment coming my way, for picking up and cuddling a random cat in a developing countries. But like I said, this cat was different). It was a tabby cat,neigh whiskers and soft fur and little paws, with little claws that couldn't break my skin, and little ears and big eyes and- did I mention I love cats? ( Like that.

Anyway, we were playing with it, and the shopkeeper was dangling something in front of it and it was bounding around, and we all fell in love with it. We all promised to come back and visit our new best friend.

So the next day, we were in a class with Maddy, one of our favourite teachers, who's from Sydney, and not that much older than us. After class, we were talking and we mentioned how we were gonna go up the road to visit our new friend. We then gushed about this amazing kitten while Maddy started looking uncomfortable. She stops us and says "um, you know that they're gonna eat it, right?"

The girls and I exchanged looks of terror and were like "no, they wouldnt eat our friend, Maddy, gosh!". She then went on to explain how cats who are in shops like that, usually get eaten.

After that conversation, we went straight to the shop, and tried asking where the cat was to the shopkeeper using actions and broken English. Well, he said "cat? Hahahaha" and laughs sadistically.

Interpret that how you will, and while suicide is no joke, if they eat or have eaten my cat, I may lose the will to live just a little. WHY, VIETNAM? WHAT'S WRONG WITH COWS? WHY PREY ON TINY KITTENS?

-produce harmful chemicals int the atmosphere and aren't pretty.
- It's a scientific fact* that when enraged, cows are known to become killing machines, attacking humans and stealing their wealth

- cute
- harmless
- um, its a kitten, what more do I need to say??

To conclude. People shouldn't eat kittens. Especially kittens that are my friends. Not cool, guys. Not cool.

We went back today and he still wasn't there. I'm losing hope. Today is a bleak day for humanity.

* not an actual scientific fact

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