Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Best Day Ever

Tuesday rolled along, the last full week of our stay here at VAS. Gaby lives near a large western style shopping centre, and so when she came to school today to tell us that she found a shop that sells Cadbury, we were over the moon. so for lunch we caught a taxi to the shops, got some lunch, and went to the shop and sold Cadbury. However, we saw a lot more than that, and found so many familiar items. Seeing as I already have a whole block of Cadbury at home, and I wasn't in a chocolate mood, we passed on that option. HOWEVER, we found some New Zealand Natural ice cream. We found little tubs, what you'd call individual portions, and the tubs got bigger from there. Feeling adventurous, we decided that hater gon' hate, so we got a 475 mL tub... each. Yes yes, I know, I'm gonna get diabetes, but you know, that was delicious ice cream so, I couldn't care less. While tossing it up, Gaby said "you only live once.", which was enough for us to all grab one. Being the rebellious teens we are, we pinched little spoons from the little tubs, and used them for our half a litre tubs. We needed a place to sit down, so we went ver to Gaby's place, which has a swimming pool, that, for sme reason, had been drained. So, naturally, we got our icecream and comically small spoons and sat in the middle of the empty pool. (see attached photos). After that, Angela managed to spill ice cream on her shirt, so we went to the bathroom, and I ventured through a wall of bamboo to find a little playground. I won't go into details, but I got stuck in a tube, and we pretended we were waiting for the pandas to come ( because, plant bamboo and pandas will come, right?). We then went back to Gabs house for a bit, and then we caught a taxi back to school. We then gave a presentation about how awesome Australia and exchange is, and were surprised by the amount if interest the girls showed, and we had a good afternoon with them afterword, playing cards and chatting about boys. Typical girly stuff, really.

It sounds weird, to have an awesome day eating ice cream and dnming in the nap rooms, but it truly was a wonderful day.

Our new best friends
The bamboo fence I crawled through 
being classy
"i love you, house"

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