Saturday, October 29, 2011


Well im writing from Singapore airport. We made it here, even though we thought we wouldn't for a while. Turns out the whole ' you need a visa to visit other countries' thing kinda slipped our mind, so today at Sydney airport, you would've seen 3 anxious girls, their families and one worried teacher hurriedly booking and paying for 3 visas. Doing all this made us run quite late, and after an announcement that we thought was for us, we ran for the entry of the terminal to the 4th last gate. A good length jog. I hate to be all dramatic, but I nearly died. Anyway, turns out the announcement was for our flight, but not for us, and in fact we had 10 minutes to wait.... Hurray. A pretty long flight, with no sleep, and a significant amount of turbulence, but we made it, checked into our room and all is well.
Upon our arrival at Singapore, we had to go print our visas off, as well as get passport photos taken, and it was all a huge inconvenience. But some could argue that its our fault for not having visas. To those people I would say
"your mum" . Because I'm mature.
So even though we booked a hotel room for the airport here, we dumped our stuff and went for a wander, and are still contemplating whether we should actually try and get any sleep. Sleep is for the weak. I'm very excited to see my host sister, Hue again. However, I can't say how much sleep I'll have had when I meet her family, but hopefully they aren't too afraid of what I look like (it's rather shocking. I look like a victim of domestic violence in my passport photos because of the bags under my eyes. But don't worry... I'm not. I don't get physically abused at home. Only emotionally. KIDDING MUM, HOME IS A SAFE ENVIRONMENT)
So I've gone 19 hours without sleep and to fit in with vietnam time, I'd need to stay up for another 18. Can't see that happening, but I'll do my darnedest. Just grabbed some food (last western food for a while) and in a few hours, I'll be on the plane to Hanoi. If my main state of mind wasn't fatigue, it would definitely be excitement.

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Chris said...

Pfft, that pesky visa thing! I'm sure it's just to make your life more difficult. Kinda strange that you managed to get through all the other preparation and stuff and not realise you need a visa. Probably the sort of thing someone at school ought to have mentioned to you. Oh well, as long as you got it sorted.

Not sure why you need to stay up another 18 hours... there only a 4 hour time difference between Hanoi and Sydney. (You did fly west - the short way - didn't you?)

Anyway, glad to hear you arrived safely. I'm glad to hear about your eat-anything exploits. Nice work!

Stay safe,

love, dad