Monday, October 24, 2011

Here We Go

Well, ladies and gentlemen. If you've found this blog, it's no doubt because you're a friend who I'm making read this, or a parent or a stranger who found this by accident. Well, just in case we have any strangers joining us, I'll give you a bit of background info. Basically, in a few days, I'll be embarking upon a one month exchange for my school, with two friends of mine, Gaby and Angela. We all have host families and in particular, host sisters who we'll be staying with. Our host sisters came out a few months ago to stay with us and our families for a month, so now it's the other way round :)

Anyway, I'm in the midst of packing, and making a damned good messy job of it, and I'll no doubt forget things *sigh* oh well.

preparing to go away for a month is really weird. also having to realize that I'm not gonna see my best friends or parents for over 4 weeks Strange feeling indeed. special shout out to my close friend Hannah, who leaves for  a 2 month exchange the day before I get back. Three months without her abuse and sarcasm. I don't actually know if I'll survive. On that melancholy, and slightly melodramatic note, I will leave to continue my packing and memorising lines for my audition for the school musical in 2 days. Eeep.

My lovely neat room haha

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