Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ant Genocide

What an exciting title. I bet you think you're all set up to hear something really entertaining and humourous? Well, we'll see..

Anyway, I kinda have a bit of an ant problem in my room. I found a big trail of tiny ants the other day, and have found them every night since and ive had to draw upon on creativity skills for their deaths. The first night, there werent too many, so I a grabbed my shoe and wacked them all to their tiny tiny graves. However when they were back the next night, I figured that physical abuse and torment wasn't enough (why do I get the feeling that some people reading this are reaching for the phone to call PETA..) so I grabbed the only chemical I could put my hands on, which was my mozzie repellant. Turns out that drowning them in Off will cause their deaths. With that done and dusted, i grabbed some toilet paper from my personal stash and cleaned up that mess, thinking I'd won that battle.

But I was wrong.

Last night, I found them, again, in a bigger army than ever before. Now this meant war. I actually noticed this while I was blow drying my hair. Now, I'm not heartless, I felt a little bit bad about their no doubt painful deaths the previous night, so I decided to simply blow them away with the hot dryer. I don't know if that more humane or less, but either way, there was at least no cleaning up to do, because even though I know I blew them all away, I'll be damned if I could find any of their tiny remains. But their deaths weren't satisfying enough. I got on my hands and knees and followed them to find their source, or secret lair. I crawled and went under desks and eventually found the source. Remember in one of my last posts I put up a picture of the flowers Hue gave me at the airport? Well, turns out that ants kinda like flowers. Being late at night, (and not having access to a bin) I decided to just move the flowers to the other side f the room tonight. I fixed up any remaining ants with my Off and finally, the battle was won.

I apologize for this post having a lack of relevance to... anything, but I thought you might like to hear about it. So there, you've now heard about it. You may go forth and spread the word. I'm out. Peace.


cbetcher said...

I LOLed. Seriously. Out loud...

angelatoomey said...

COPYRIGHT! jokes, and i love the picture btw! see you tomorrow xx